At the laundromat…

Well, I’m at the laundromat tonight, and am now realizing how crappy my phone is for realistic web use.

It’s actually really hard to do this because my text box to write in only renders about one third of an inch on my browser, so basically any word more than three characters long is broken up on multiple lines.

So, please bear with me if there are some typos or grammar issues. 🙂

I can’t wait for my iPhone. One of the things I’m going to like about it will be the Safari browser. At least it will better than IE mobile… yuck! Let’s hope it renders things correctly, and not really bad like I’m looking at now.

Well, it appears that some of the clothes are finished, so that’s it for At the Laundromat…

David Markley

Well, I was born to my parents... and did the school thing, and then work. So, pretty standard humanoid setup... :-)