DavidMarkley.com – Now with iPhone Support


Thanks to BraveNewCode.com, and their WPtouch WordPress plugin, anyone using an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android web browser, can now view my site and blog entries in a much better format!

If anyone has been looking for an easy way to be able to make their WordPress blog viewable in mobile browsers, you need not look further than WPtouch.

This is an awesome little plugin that takes the headache out of making your site more mobile-friendly. As of February 17, 2009, this plugin is on version 1.7.5. And now, since this code has been released on the official WordPress plugins repository, you can upgrade automatically through the WordPress 2.5+ admin panel – pretty slick indeed!

So, check me out on your nearest mobile device, and if it’s an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android browser, you will see the alternate theme and layout. Let me know what you think, and let the guys over at BraveNewCode.com know that they did an awesome job with this.


David Markley

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