I'm an ENTP, what are you?

This website is devoted to the interesting world of personality types. More specifically, the Meyers-Briggs personalities. Consisting of content from several resources, books, lectures, and magazines.

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All sorts of factors enter into how we choose a mate. Where we live, age, race, educational level, etc. And yet, another factor involved in our choice of mate, at least as powerful if not more, is our personality type.

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Conceptualists - NT

Ever in search of knowledge, this is the "Knowledge Seeking Personality" -- trusting in reason and hungering for achievement. They are usually pragmatic about the present, skeptical about the future, solipsistic about the past, and their preferred time and place are the interval and the intersection.

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Your type is the combination of preferences you chose when you answered the test. It is up to you to decide what type you truly are, since only you know your true preferences. The scores on the test indicate clarity of preference, not strengths or abilities to perform in the various areas.

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