VMware Training in Raleigh

Just flew in to Raleigh, NC today for the VMware Fast Track Training this week. I’m pretty excited to be able to participate in some ‘official’ education from VMware, and this will hopefully be a good week with plenty of valuable information to take home. My biggest fear is……that I will have to sit through a training that covers all the basics that I understand already, and not give new insight to solutions and more creative ways of using VMware.

I am really excited about the possibilities with this VMware Infrastructure 3 in most >SMBs. I really understand why so many larger companies have gone with this solution for their infrastructures. Don’t get me wrong – I see valuable benefits for the SMB market as well – just not with VI3 in particular.

That’s probably my one hangup with VMware – license fees. Hopefully, with the impending release(flash in the pan) of Microsoft’s HyperVisor Solution with Windows 2008, VMware will be able to lower the cost of licensing their software or offer comparable packages to entice SMBs to pay for a technology that’s much more mature and feature-rich than a make-shift way of doing things, IMHO.

I will update here as the week progresses and jot down my thoughts of the sessions.

Time to get some sleep, so that’s it for VMware Training in Raleigh

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